World View

In a discussion with a very intelligent authority figure, it came to my attention that if someone were to ask me to present my World View, I couldn’t do it in any great detail.  Secondly, I haven’t even given much thought to this matter.  Intuitively, it would seem crucial to know and explain how one experiences, interacts with and organizes his or her reality. 

I think this enterprise would consist of several steps.

First, I would look inwards.  Like Buddhism teaches, I would observe my thought and behavior in order to uncover patterns and processes.  As in science, once you know the laws that govern a subject, you can apply these laws to new inventions and applications.

Second, I would look outwards to experimental, quantitative, qualitative and theoretical research, along with investigations of various belief systems and even works of fiction.

Third, I would ask individuals about the conclusions they’ve come to in regards to the topic and steps 1 and 2.

This is just an initial and simple sketch of a proposal for the eventual understanding, explication and application of my own World View.

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